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Have you reciprocated with business or favour to the giver? Have you shown it to others or told them about the gift? Is it a useful item that serves another purpose? Did you smile at the giver?

Yes the effectiveness of a Promotional Item is timeless. For the giver the benefits far outweigh conventional advertising that usually only provokes the feeling of frustration at the end of the month when the invoice comes in. Advertisers rarely know the end value of this type of advertising! Yet they see appreciation on the faces of the customers when giving a worthy gift and emotionally feel like it is money well spent because of the reaction.

Promotional business gifts aren’t just for Christmas, they serve you all year round if distributed correctly. The best way is as a gesture of thanks for the business. Next time a customer places a good order, ensure they receive the gift – personally given is ALWAYS best.

When you or your staff calls on a customer, leave something to remind them of your call or presence in the market place. The good old coffee mug is a great favourite and is extremely cost effective. They are often treasured items and we know of many instances where they have paid for themselves hundreds of times over just by their constant presence in the office.

So consider the oldest form of marketing in history and try a different approach – the results will astound you. Understanding the frenetic pace most businesses work at these days, and the lack of spare hours in the day, we welcome the opportunity to come to you. We’ll show you our range of unique, interesting, cost effective and special items and offer constructive suggestions on how we may increase your customer awareness.

Just phone on (0161) 900 9626 or email us at: and we will call to arrange a suitable time to visit you.

Do you use promotional items to create awareness for your business or to say thanks to your customers?

Statistics from many sources in the Western World demonstrate the power of recall that a promotional product can have on the receiver. In the USA a Harvard Business Review Study reported how 65% of receivers of a promotional gift of some value (not plastic pens) could recall who gave it to them 3 years after the event. A staggering 92% recalled the occasion and person within 6 months.  Compare this with the recall factor of the media and the results speak for themselves. Then compare the cost and results of an advertisement in a newspaper, which in most cases has a less that 3% chance of being noticed, let alone remembered. Take a radio spot – unless it is saturation advertising, the response rate can be  totally negligible.


Try remembering one advertisement you have seen on television in the last week, then try and recall when  any of them prompted you into any action.

If your memory hasn’t failed you by now, think about how you felt when you were given a promotional item. Did it: induce a feeling of appreciation towards the giver?

Do you still have the item?

The Power Of Promotional Products