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These Terms & Conditions, together with the Particulars set out, supersede any Terms & Conditions previously in use. They are based upon English & Scottish Law, with any disputes being resolved by the Courts of either England or Scotland.

 The term “Supplier” means Promota Logo the term “ Purchaser” refers to the buyer throughout these Terms & Conditions.

 The Supplier reserves the right to “Title of the Goods” until payment is made in full.

 No alteration of these Terms & Conditions can be made, unless both parties agree them in writing.

 All Prices quoted are those set out in the “Suppliers” quotation, including “Artwork” but excludes “Delivery Charges” to either one or multiple locations, or unless otherwise stated.

Payment Terms:

 Payment Terms are strictly due within 7 days of delivery unless other credit terms have previously been agreed.

 In certain circumstances the “Supplier” may request “Proforma Payment” in advance of the delivery of Goods.

 The “Supplier” reserves the right to apply a surcharge of “4%” above the Base rate set by RBS Bank Plc on all late payments or overdue amounts from the due date of payment.


 All deliveries made to the “Purchaser” should be checked within 24 Hours of the date of delivery.

 All Damages or Shortages should be reported to the “Supplier” within 24 Hours and in writing.

 Failure to complete the checking of the goods delivered and the reporting of any such shortages or damages would be deemed by the “Supplier” that the goods have been accepted by the “Purchaser” complete and unharmed.

 Under certain circumstances and out-with the control of the “Supplier” in particular when goods are sourced from the third party Manufacturer or other Supplier, delays may occur, when and if this event does happen, the “Supplier” will notify the “Purchaser” as soon at is reasonable, that there will be a delay in delivery.

Acceptance of Quotations & Artwork:

 The “Supplier” will only accept an order for delivery once an Officer of the Purchaser has signed the “Artwork or Quotation”.

 In certain circumstances, whereby “Artwork” reflects a specific requirement of the “Purchaser” and is deemed to be their “Copyright” orders will be accepted on a “Non-Returnable” basis.

Under/Over Supply of Ordered Articles:

 The “Supplier” reserves the right to supply either “Over/Under 5%” of the ordered articles, which is due solely to manufacturing problems, we therefore advise each “Purchaser” when ordering to ensure that the order reflects this possible “Margin of Error”.


 These are charged at the singles price plus Postage and Packing at cost.


Force Majeure:

 Neither party will be liable for any delay, loss or damage caused wholly or in part by an Act of God, Governmental restriction, condition or control or by reason of any act done pursuant to a trade dispute, whether such dispute involves its servants or by reason of any other Act, matter or thing, out-with the reasonable control of the Company.

Dated: 2nd February, 2018 Promota Logo.

Terms & Conditions